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Steps to Dealing with Allegations at the Work Force

Misconduct, sexual harassment, discrimination are some forms of allegations that employers have to deal with at one point of their working period. Unwillingness of the accused to refuse to admit an allegation will make it difficult for the employee to affirm the allegation making the process stressful. To minimise the risk of incurring cost for a legal proceedings, as an employer you need to deal with the problem fully. Dealing properly to an allegation will be effective if you don’t put too much trust on one party by believing one employee is too holy to make false acquisitions or deny. The following steps will guide you when managing allegations brought forth by employees.

Allegations are a serious offence and you wouldn’t want to jump into dismissing an employee or taking disciplinary measures to the employee without having proof the allegations are true. Call the two employees in your office one at a time to explain the situation as it happened. Look for contradicting or collaborating versions that will be said when interrogating the two employees. Since you wouldn’t want to lean much on a particular party, you should guarantee both parties that a fair investigation will be done to ascertain the truth in the allegations made. You may hire a private consulting agency at a fee to offer investigating services at your workplace over the frequent allegations being made.

Follow established procedures that have been documented in the organisations policy document regarding measures to follow in case of an allegation complain. Ensure the parties you select to carry out the investigations report to you with the findings as soon as possible when they have completed the investigations to enable you make a decision on the findings. Its quite likely that the if its true the accused committed an allegation, the chances of issuing threats to the team causing interference to the investigation.

Some serious allegations such as sexual harassment may require the intervention of the authorities as its considered a national offence. As the employer you will have to make a decision on what to do with the employee who by facts the employee is considered a culprit of the complaints made against the employee. Don’t be quick to remove the employ from employment, but consider if its a minor allegation that you can just suspend the employee for a few weeks or be fined. Also, you may have to meet with the board to decide the actions to take for a higher ranked employees.

To avoid choosing sides of the employees especially for a discrimination allegation, keep the complaint secret first until the issue is sorted out. For sexual harassment allegations, keeping the allegation confidential is essential to avoid damaging the reputation of both the accuser and accused.

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