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An Overview of God as Seen in Scripture

We are ever asking ourselves what God is like. A number of times when we think of God, what comes to mind is power and majesty. In spite of this being the case, there are those times when what we see of God is a God who comes to us robbed of all power and majesty and comes to us in a state of rather total helplessness and total humility. We in fact have seen in Scripture the story of Jesus, the express image of God, coming down to us here on earth and leading such a humble life and even dying the shameful death of the cross.

Christians have the belief cutting all across them that Jesus is the revelation of God. In the Book of John 14:26 b, the gospel records Jesus declaring of himself that all that have seen him have actually seen the Father. The writer of the book of Hebrews, which is as well an inspired writing for the Christian faith, declares that Jesus is the “exact imprint of God’s very nature” (Hebrews 1:3). The rather common one is that which is found in the Old Testament Scriptures as in the Books of Isaiah the prophet and the same in the New Testament in the book of Matthew, “Emmanuel…God with us” (Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23).

Let us consider the story of God as we see it in the story of Christmas which gets the stage rather unlikely. This is in the sense that we see God, the one who had been Spirit, stepping onto the stage as a microscopic cell, one which would be entirely dependent on it the carrying mother for its very life. The life after birth goes on like proceeding to a life in a manger. Further into the life of Jesus, who is the exact imprint of God, shows us one who leads his life on earth with no place to lay head on, despised and rejected, serving and not to be served, washing the disciple’s feet and in the end having it all ended in the shameful death on the cross. This is just what God is actually is.

You are not to see God in a manger as a God who has left or abandoned His divinity but a God who has given us the absolute revelation of His exact nature and Divinity instead. The God we see here is one who will give all of Himself for others and not hold a thing back for the sake of someone, and this is just the Divine nature.

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