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The Physiology of Scent Marketing

The concept of scent marketing is not a trick, deception, or hoax. The ability to link a scent to a brand will make a significant difference in overall success. The scent does not even need to be original, just associated with the product. The scent of hazelnut coming from a coffee shop, for example, draws people through the door and into line. The smells of popcorn at the concession stand in the movie theater, funnel cake at the street fair, and hot dogs at a ball park create an instant association to a fond memory, a happy feeling, or a simpler time.

Different than Other Senses

The science and physiology between the connections associated with smells and feelings begins in the brain. Smell is processed in the hippocampus which also processes emotions and memory. It is the only sense that bypasses cognitive and logical thought processes in the brain which makes smell so powerful and instantaneous. This fact can be used to attract the attention of customers, keep them in the store longer, and improve their experience with the business.

It Works Everywhere

Depending on the scents chosen, aromatherapy can improve revenues and experiences in any type of business. A retail store, a bank, a dentist office, a factory, a call center with dozens of cubicles, and a paint store are just some examples of where this practice works. To distribute the scent to maximum effect, a cold-air system works well. The oils are not heated or diluted so the aroma is constantly at therapeutic levels. One machine designed to diffuse scents in extra-large spaces can be used for an area that spans one-thousand to seven-thousand square feet.


Scent is distributed as a fine mist via the HVAC system to reach all the corners of the building, office, or large home. The machine can also be mounted to a wall if desired. Energy-efficient and quiet, the Air Stream Single machine is hardly noticeable by customers. Keep the scents simple and subtle because complicated scents tend to distract people and they quickly. Hundreds of essential and aroma oils are sold separately or in bundles to save business owners money.